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5 Best Coffeeshops to Work at In San Francisco!

After living in Newport Beach, Paris and San Francisco as a digital marketing nomad and working countless hours remote, I came to love a good coffeeshop/cafe workspace. In fact, my love for coffeeshops grew so much that after visiting dozens I made it a goal to someday open my own – taking pieces of what I loved about them from all around the world. In order to make this happen someday I was able to join a favorite shop and work a couple times a month in order to learn the essentials of running a coffeeshop. I enjoy it so much!

So after living in San Francisco for nearly two years and working remote in various coffeeshops around town, (not to mention the many I researched that I did not visit due to lack of WIFI or lack of seating options), here are my recommendations on top coffeeshops to work from in San Francisco. Important attributes I considered when deciding on the list:

  • Free WIFI

  • Seating Space

  • Ambiance

  • Drinks and Food options

  • Staff

1. Nook Café - Nob Hill -1500 Hyde St. San Francisco, CA 94109

“I feel like I’m back in Europe here!” was my reaction when visiting Nook for the first time nearly two years ago. Free WIFI available Monday thru Friday and weekends after 3PM, great outdoor seating, large windows to gaze out at the trolley passing by, and a delicious menu full of salads, sandwiches, the best hummus I’ve ever tasted (it’s homemade too) and plenty of vegan options. What else makes the Nook so special? It has been around 13 years as of 2018. CoManagers Josh and Corey are very proud to be a part of the neighborhood. Employee from day one, Corey adds he is still very passionate about his “home away from home.” This certainly shines through in the café! (Photo Credit: IG @dbo.g)

2. Peet’s Coffee (Various Locations in SF)

Several Peet’s around town are great spaces for propping open your laptop and working remote. Although the Fillmore location (pictured) tends to get crowded, its huge windows make it especially magical on a rainy day in San Francisco. If you need a break or have time to spare you can also stroll the rest of Fillmore street where you’ll find plenty of unique shops and bites. The Chestnut Street Peet’s in the Marina offers a large community table in the back. Coffeeshops that offer this type of seating help create a community ambiance (in my option). A third Peet's in town is located in SOMA. This is the largest location of these three mentioned and offers many seats throughout. It is located within Specialties so you can also enjoy a bite. Bon Appetite! (Photo Credit: IG @Chajjeongh)

3. Milkbean - Lower Nob Hill - 881 Post St. San Francisco, CA 94109

If you’re in the mood for a cute and modern coffeeshop with delicious lattes, look no further than Milkbean! My personal favorite is the lavender latte topped with actual lavender. Other popular drinks include the “S’mores Latte”, “Nutella Latte” and an “Organic Matcha Latte”. Although this space is petite, I’ve always been able to find a seat. Overall, a two thumbs up coffeeshop to hype up on caffeine and be productive! (Photo Credit: Yelp @Jay H.)

4. Home SF - Outer Richmond - 2018 Clement St. San Francisco, CA 94121

Home SF has become a popular working coffeeshop in the city and famous for its Instagram picture perfect drinks! Although a bit on the watery side for my taste, their beautiful coffee art including the famous “Birthday Cake Latte” will be sure to bring smile as you’re catching up on emails and sending out project updates. I also appreciated that about 80-90% of those in the cafe were working; it felt like an actual workspace. Home SF does reserve a couple of seats for no laptops. Community seating in the back is available for that community feel once again. (Photo Credit: IG @homesf)

5. My Favorite Café - Outer Richmond - 2110 Clement St. San Francisco, CA 94121

Not many places in San Francisco are open late with free WIFI available, which makes you wonder where university students go when they’re on a study roll. One of my favorite late night café’s is My Favorite Café. Open until 1230am weekday and 2AM Saturday and Sunday. I once stumbled here as I was on Yelp in search for late night coffee with WIFI. Pros: strong coffee, amazing waffles and other tasty treats, low prices compared to the rest of the city. Only downside is it’s cash only. However for under $10 you can enjoy coffee and a snack, a rare bargain in the city! (Photo Credit: Celi International)

While so many great cafes around town, it was definitely tough narrowing it down to only 5 best coffeeshops in San Francisco to work from! After I wrote this blog post I found two more great cafe's in SF.. may have to do a part 2 or 2019 version of this in the future! Do you have any favorites in the city of hustle or in other cities? Would love to hear. Tweet me @Celi_Marketing or drop us a note with your favorite places to work from in your city!


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