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Event Marketing: Using Facebook and Instagram to Increase Engagement and Drive Event Sales

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Back in September we had two weeks to help promote the return of a world boxing champ to the ring – Kaliesha “Wild” West – who had previously worked with big brands including Sony, Adidas and Apple Music. Since the majority of her social following was on Instagram, we:

  • Used video live platforms to update followers on her preparation and training progress the weeks leading up to event.

  • Held a contest for followers with the prize being two tickets to the event. This helped drive engagement 24%.

  • Used Facebook and Instagram to identify and target her audience and similar audiences to promote her boxing event in nearby geographic locations. This helped drive reach and boost event sales 2x the normal amount.

We had also developed the story below:

California Women’s World Boxing Champ Returns to the Ring!

Kaliesha “Wild” West returns to boxing, September 23, 2017 in Southern California, after taking a break from professional boxing. The 16-2-3 Former 2 Division World Champion Boxer, who was inactive from 2014 to 2016 because of the almost non-existent opportunities in woman’s USA boxing says, “After Canada, I had no interest in fighting because all the opportunities were in other countries where I was not the favorite. There were no opportunities like there are now in the US, I was really down about it.”

Even though West was inactive in the ring for a short period, she stayed positive and used the power of social media to be a voice in the social community helping bring awareness to women’s sports and women’s boxing. She also stayed physically active during this time. The month leading up to her fight she trained a couple hours each day. The week leading up to the fight, scheduled in Rancho Mirage, California, 120 miles east of Los Angeles- “Wild” West prepared at Mediterraneo Resort through “Relaxation, letting my muscles relax but still being consistent in the gym with high cardio workouts.”

Her boxing return comes just days after the tragic events in Mexico and Puerto Rico which touches the mixed heritage boxer. Of both Mexican and Puerto Rican decent she says “My mom’s mother is from that area in Mexico and my dad’s grandfather from Puerto Rico. We still have family and friends in those areas. My prayers go to all those affected and their loved ones... I hope we can come together here in the US and lend a helping hand.”

Campaign Success

Overall the Facebook and Instagram event marketing campaigns were a success, and so was Kaliesha’s fight, now 17th win. This goes to show that a well executed campaign and win can happen in a short amount of time with the right mindset, skill and motivation.

What’s next for the young world champ? Kaliesha, celebrating 30 this month, and Growth Marketing Partners (formerly Celi International marketing) are excited to continuing partnering. For now, West will be focused on motivational speaking engagements, advocating women's rights and on refining her sports marketing personal brand. For more information please contact us here.

The beautiful Kaliesha West smiles as she celebrates her 30th birthday with her closest friends on February 11th in sunny Southern California.

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